Friday, February 1, 2008

DVD Buyer's Guide

The 4th may have been a complete bust, but the 11th isn’t a whole lot better. There are a handful of direct-to-DVD titles: After Sundown, Butcher and Damned, two of which I couldn’t even find pictures for, if that says anything of their quality. This Tuesday does see the release of Anchor Bay’s The Garden, which if you read my review, you’ll know I dug despite it’s later script shortcomings. If you’re a Lance Henriksen devotee, and I know you are, it is definitely worth supporting.

On the trashier side of things there is Basic Instinct 2. I liked Basic Instinct, but I was also 13 when I watched it and the motivation for liking it is clear. Basic Instinct 2, well, it’s pretty obvious how bad it will be. On the funnier side of things, there is a release of another ‘erotic’ flick on the 11th as well, but one that ironically probably isn’t even nearly as trashy as Basic Insinct 2…I’m not sure this has been done before or what, but I find it hilarious that there is an R rated version of "the most expensive" porn movie ever made, Pirates, which made the talking rounds on nerdy film blogs a while back.

There is a remastered, legit R1 release of Shogun Assassin being released as well. If you know whatShogun Assassin is, chances are you already own it, if you don’t, this is the copy to buy – I know I will be.

And finally we have season 1 of Weeds, which is a truly great comedy series from Showtime. Mary-Louise Parker is phenomenal in the show, as is the rest of the cast (especially Kevin Nealon). Combine that talent with the bittersweet comedy of it all and you have one fantastic show that rises well above pothead entertainment.

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