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Book of the Dead (FAB PRESS) (Import Book)

Book of the Dead (FAB PRESS) (Import Book)

One of cinema's most enduring monsters, the zombie has been terrifying audiences around the world for decades. Book of the Dead charts the ghoulish history of zombie cinema, from the creature's origins in Haitian voodoo to its cinematic debut in 1932's White Zombie, George A. Romero's quartet of 'Dead' movies (which includes the two acknowledged classics of the genre, Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead) and recent blockbuster hits like 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead and Land of the Dead
Covering hundreds of movies from America, Europe and Asia, this exhaustive history chronicles the zombie's on-screen evolution from Caribbean bogeyman to flesh-eating corpse. Along the way, Book of the Dead takes in Bela Lugosi B-movies, Italian gore films, Asian zombies, British zombies, blind monk zombies, shot-on-video backyard epics and the videogame phenomenon of Resident Evil. Spanning seven decades of horror movie history with hundreds of stills - including an incredible 64 pages of blood-drenched full colour photos and rare international poster art - and an exhaustive filmography, Book of the Dead explains why we continue to be so fascinated with these fugitives from the undertaker.


Introduction. Dead Men Walking

Chapter One. Caribbean Terrors

  • Tracking the Walking Dead
  • The Origins of the Zombie
  • The Zombie in the West

    Chapter Two. The Zombie Goes to Hollywood
  • Horror Hits the Stage
  • Cultural Anxieties: Haiti, the Depression and Race
  • The Zombies Are Revolting

    Chapter Three. Down and Out on Poverty Row
  • Horror Comedy on Black Island
  • The Poverty Row Years
  • Val Lewton: A Touch of Class

    Chapter Four. Atomic Interlude
  • Sci-Fi Horrors
  • Voodoo's Last Gasps
  • The Mass Destruction of Men's Minds

    Chapter Five. Bringing It All Back Home
  • Keeping It in the Family
  • Stiff Upper Lips and the Walking Dead
  • South of the Border
  • Back on American Soil: Night of the Living Dead

    Chapter Six. Dawn of the Dead
  • Romero's Children
  • The Ghouls Can't Help It
  • Destructive Tendencies
  • Sex, Death and Amando de Ossorio's Templars
  • By the Dawn's Early Light

    Chapter Seven. Splatter Horror
  • The Italians Are Coming!
  • The Apocalypse of Narrative: Fulci's Zombie Trilogy
  • The Return to the Caribbean
  • Splatter House of Horrors

    Chapter Eight. Twilight of the Dead
  • Night of the Living Dead Redux
  • Poverty Row for the MTV Generation (Or, Children Shouldn't Play with Camcorders)
  • Of Death, Of Love: An Interlude
  • The Resident Evil Effect
  • Big-Budget Ghouls
  • Rebirth of the Dead

    Afterword. Something To Do With Death

    Chapter Nine. Zombie Filmography
  • A comprehensive 80-page A-Z guide to every significant zombie movie ever made.
    "This is the book that zombie fans have been waiting for... enough to keep deadhead enthusiasts happy the world over!" - Eat My Brains website review
    "Book of the Dead is one of the best genre books of recent memory. Russell's book is magnificently structured... stunningly designed... essential, intelligent and entertaining." - Rumour Machine website review

    • Import Paperback Book
    • 320 pages, including 64 pages in full colour

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