Friday, July 9, 2010

Asian Cult Cinema Boxset (NTSC Region 1)

Asian Cult Cinema Boxset (NTSC Region 1) Four of the most popular Asian Cult Cinema Collection Titles for Synapse Films in One Beautifully Designed Slip Case.
Organ: (1996, 105 min) Two horrific and blood-drenched stories intertwine in this graphically violent feature film from Kei Fujiwara. A Tokyo police officer falls victim to a Yakuza body-parts selling syndicate.
Evil Dead Trap: (1988, 102 min) Arguably the most controversial and popular Japanese horror film ever made. Nami, a talk show hostess, tells her audience to send her videos to profile on her late night program. Soon, she receives an anonymous videotape in the mail...a tape containing terrifying imagery.
Entrails Of A Virgin: (1986, 73 min) A group of people on a photo shoot in the woods take refuge in a dark house as a dense fog rolls in. When night falls, a mud-covered creature from the nearby swamp stalks them one by one...brutally killing them and performing horrific sex-games with the women.
Entrails Of A Beautiful Woman: (1986, 68 min) in this extremely explicit follow-up to Entrails Of A Virgin, a doctor gets more than she bargained for after getting entangled with an evil Japanese Yakuza clan.

  • NTSC Region 1
  • Limited Edition Boxset
  • Japanese Language with English Subtitles
  • Original Aspect Ratios
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