Friday, September 24, 2010

Zombiez - (2005)

Director: Zachary Winston Snygg
Writing Credits:
Rating: R
Run Time: 83 min
Studio: Info coming soon

Theatrical Release Date: NA
DVD Release Date: NA

Cast: Jenicia Garcia, Randy Clarke, Jackeem Sellers, Raymond Spencer

At the site of a building slated for the wrecking ball, a young woman (Jenicia Garcia) on the demolition crew suddenly finds herself besieged by a monstrous zombie onslaught. In a desperate quest to save her spouse, she must fend off countless undead flesh-eaters, but her hopes begin to fade as the clock winds down in this urban gore-a-thon. The supporting cast includes Randy Clark, Raymond Spencer and Jakeem Sellers.

I wished for death after seeing this.
Reviewed by kmatte1

I do not know what people are thinking when they write and films things like this. I was sucked in by the cover and the good writing for the plot summary. Worst case of false advertising i ever saw. Not ony were there not any zombies crawling out of graves, there were not any decayed people muching snippets of joy in this film. I use the term film loosely.

Most of the "action" takes place in an parking lot, and the woods next to it. The "zombies" killed people with weapons that looked like the fake oversized novelties peole use for Halloween when they dress up as the grim reaper. The "zombies" were just people with torn t-shirts and messed up hair. Maybe some fake blood, I think the budget only had $5.00 for make-up. The "zombies" also did not appear to be dead, since the talked to each other, laughed, and I think one time they were huddled up passing a joint!!!!!

Whatever you do, stay as far away from this movie as possible. They used to say that for every ciggarette a person smoked was like talking 3 minutes off your life. Well every minute of this movie was like smoking 10 ciggarettes.

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