Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Zombie Allegiance

Title: Zombie Allegiance
Directed By: Tony Nunes
Written By: Tony Nunes
Starring: Brandon Luis Aponte, Jennifer Kimmerle, Rich Tretheway, John Sheppard, Stephanie Castaldi, Carlos Brum, Michael Reed, Shanette Wilson, Rachel Knutton, Sarah Nicklin, Alexandra Cipolla, and Andre Boudreau as 'George Miles'
Release Date: 2010
DVD Distributor: Solipsist Media Group
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Reviewed By: Will

"In the hands of mankind the end was always inevitable"
Zombie AllegienceUtilizing both survivors and zombies to make his point, Director Tony Nunes has delivered a sometimes scarily accurate metaphor regarding the current state of affairs here in the good ole U.S.A. Zombie flicks are often used in this manner to detail social ills, class struggle, and the inhumanity of government working for the "common good".
So what makes this one different you ask? First of all, Nunes has a distinct sense of humor, not Shaun of the Dead wacky, but rather more comedy of errors surrounding the protagonists folly. The situation is more grounded than "Shaun" and the action comes from a more organic situation spiraling out of the tenuous control imposed by group leader 'Saul' (Rich Tretheway). Zombie AllegienceSaul would very much like to keep things under wraps and run a tight ship, unfortunately he is simply too nice, his friend 'George' (Andre Boudreau) is too crazy, and the ever expanding group is attracting the attention of a decidedly antisocial element. Despite the arrival of former Baltimore Police Officer 'Josh' (Brandon Luis Aponte), things do not bode well for the group.
The action, set post World War III, is filled with scavengers, vigilantes, radiation poisoning and the unforeseen side effect of walking dead. It is here in the quality of acting and carefully woven character development that Nunes film comes to life. Tretheway, and Aponte ably carry the story, providing down to earth performances that offset the insanity surrounding them. Grounded by two strong leads, Andre Boudreau is free to bring much of the stories humor via his lunatic turn as 'George', Zombie AllegienceGeorge may have physically survived the attacks, but what is left of his mind is not firing on all cylinders.
The essence of the film is in the many little details subtly scattered throughout, such as the reaction of characters to the once normal sound of a car approaching. Instead of taking this for granted, this seemingly normal background noise is enough to send everyone scurrying for safety, instantly putting everyone on guard and ill at ease. Or the approach of strangers, something that once would have been considered a break in routine, has now become a threat that must be met with force.
As a debut effort this is an impressive film that all zombie lovers should enjoy! In addition to solid narrative and competent direction by Nunes, the film also boasts Richard Griffin as Director of Photography. Zombie AllegienceGriffin's skill with the camera insures Nunes' vision and brings a polished look many first time directors do not have the luxury of achieving. When combined with an excellent cast, decent practical and visual SPFX from John C. Dusek, Margaret Wolf, Ted Marr, Michael Reed and Sarah Nicklin (look for an excellently staged and executed sleight of hand knife through the head gag), and music by Lee Hedberger, featuring songs by Rainline, what you get is a fun night at the movies!
Shot in and around Providence Rhode Island, Zombie Allegiance is a wonderful gutmuncher of a flick from a great collective of talent. Get your ass off the couch and go get you some!

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