Thursday, June 16, 2011

BloodSuckers / Blood Thirst (Special Edition) (1971) [DVD - Region 1]

2 Shiver and Shudder Spine Tinglers!

Vampires, psychedelic orgies, a gooey-faced monster and Peter Cushing all star in this blood-spilling, blood-chilling Drive-In Double Feature!

Vampirism as a sexual obsession enslaves Oxford scholar Richard Fountain (Patrick Mower) when he visits Greece and falls in with a drug-crazed cult of homicidal swingers led by a kinky blood-drinker named Chriseis. His fiancée and three friends (including The Avengers' Patrick Macnee) try to rescue Richard from her malignant spell but when they bring him back to England, he's… different. And when the provost of the college (Peter Cushing) throws him a welcome-back dinner, Richard becomes positively violent… A.k.a Incense for the Damned and digitally remastered from 35 mm elements (bearing the never used pre-release title Freedom Seeker), Bloodsuckers is an unusual mix of action, horror, and old-fashioned neck biting.

Plus: Filipino women found with their blood drained bring American sex-crime expert Adam Rourke to Manila in search of the killer. Armed with a lisp and a mannequin named Harvey, Rourke soon becomes prey to a "Golden Goddess" possessed by Blood Thirst, and creature whose face looks like melted flesh… Two offbeat thrillers worth sinking your teeth into!

  • Standard 1.33:1 Color
  • Standard 1.33:1 B&W
  • ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Mono
Directed by:
  • Newt Arnold
  • Robert Hartford-Davis
Produced by:
  • Newt Arnold
  • Graham Harris
  • N.I.P. Dennis
  • Julian More
Starring: Rating: NR

Studio: Image Ent.


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