Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hotel Paradise DVD (X Rated Version) (PAL Region 2)

Hotel Paradise DVD (X Rated Version) (PAL Region 2)
Deep in the jungle is Hotel Paradise - a notorious labor camp and a brutal prison for women. Working conditions are intolerable, and the women prisoners tortured and tormented constantly but they have all volunteered to be there.  They are all women who are sentenced to long prison terms but have their sentences halved by looking for emeralds in swamp mud. Revolutionary forces in the country are planning a coup in the camp to procure money for weapons and ammunition. But they come to understand that the camp's name "Hotel Paradise "is bloody ironic - because they are witnesses to the sexual torture as camp boss exposes women to. Liberty while working near, and the battered women yearn to take a cruel revenge on the sadistic abuse ...
As the only country in the world circulated Hotel Paradise in Denmark in an uncut version with hardcore sex scenes. AWE is proud to present the film in its complete version for the first time ever on DVD ..
  • Adult Import DVD
  • PAL Region 2
  • English and Italian Audio
  • Anamorphic Widescreen

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