Wednesday, June 15, 2011

RIP - Rest in Pieces Joe Coleman (NTSC Region 1)

RIP - Rest in Pieces Joe Coleman (NTSC Region 1)
R.I.P. Rest In Pieces is director Robert-Adrian Pejo's intimate portrait of painter Joe Coleman, who is known around the world as a shamanic, moral voice diagnosing the ills of 21st Century America. Coleman holds nothing back, telling us of a world wracked with tumorous cities, perversion, divorce, violence, atomic bombs, and a human race destroying itself 'simply because we are born.'
  • NTSC Region 1
  • The Joe Coleman Opera-An Amazingly Intricate Look At Joe's Body Of Work
  • Film Diva Asia Argento On Joe's Influence On Her Work and Life
  • Outtakes From Joe Performing the Legendary Autopsy In Budapest
  • Interviews With Joe and His Photographer Wife Whitney Ward
  • Scenes From Joe & Whitney's Wonderfully Weird Wedding

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