Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Seven Bodies for Scotland Yard

(Seven Bodies for Scotland Yard)
Aka: Jakc the Mangler; Jack the Ripper; Jack, El Destripador De Londres.
London; a dreary and rainy night. A prostitute meets a “John” on the street and brings him back to her meager apartment. As she begins to undress, she is brutally stabbed. A similar fate awaits many of London’s young woman as they walk the dark streets alone at night. Suspicion for the crimes fall on Bruno, an ex circus acrobat (Naschy) who lives in the Soho region of London. Scotland yard erupts into a fury of activity as they try to capture the elusive gymnast and the brutal killings continue. As the police close in on Bruno, he is forced to find the real killer in order to prove his own innocents. A rarely seen, early horror effort co-written by and starring Spain’s most famous horror star; “El Hombre Lobo” Paul Naschy.

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