Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Singapore Sling (1990) [DVD - Region 1]

Trapped in a Deadly Game of Torture and Murder!

A detective searches for his lost love and his travels lead him to two women living in a secluded country villa. When they find him, barely conscious and bleeding, he doesn't speak, so they nickname him "Singapore Sling". Their hospitality soon turns horrific as he discovers they may be a mentally deranged mother/daughter team interested in deadly sex and torturous games...and they also may be responsible for his lover's death. Wounded by a gunshot and imprisoned in a nightmare that he may never escape, "Singapore Sling" becomes the pawn in a deadly game of sexual domination, torture and murder.

Greek director Nikos Nikolaidis has created one of the most disturbing, gory and strangely beautiful cult films you will ever see...a haunting story of one man's search for love and the horrifying consequences of his actions. Synapse Films is proud to present Singapore Sling in a beautiful anamorphic widescreen transfer for the first time in North America.

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