Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trágica Ceremonia

Trágica Ceremonia en villa Alexander
Translation: Taken From the Secret Police files of A European Capital City.

Jane and her three hippy boyfriends enjoy a weekend of fun sailing, camping and cursing the beach in a dune buggy. Joe, who desires Jane, give her a beautiful pearl necklace. Unknown to Jane, the necklace was previously owned by a woman who was said to have been possessed by a demon. Looking like the cast of Scooby Doo, the four are having a great time until a violent storm sends them packing. Unfortunately the dune buggy runs out of gas during the downpour and they are forced to push the car to the area’s only gas station. The owner not trusting the travelers checks they offer only gives them a small amount of gas. The limited petrol gets them only a few miles before they come to a stop in front of a large gothic mansion where they are invited in and given gasoline and shelter. As they wait out the storm Jane is taken upstairs by Lady Alexander. After a few hours the three men begin to wonder about Jane and set off to search the huge villa to find her. As they descend into the basement they begin to hear strange chants. They discover Jane is about to become the ritual sacrifice for Satan. The three hippies disrupt the satanic cult’s rituals and rescue Jane from a death on the alter. As they flee, a delirium of ghastly and blood-soaked violence erupts within the cult as the interruption of the ritual causes them to brutally kill each other. The four escape in their car only to discover that the terror they left behind seeks revenge.

From famed Italian director Riccardo Freda’s who is best know as a pioneer for his early gothic horror films I Vamperi and The Horrible Dr. Hichcock comes this excellent and much over-looked later day gothic thriller. Although a very low budget film Freda is able to create a macabre setting, an outrageously gory sequence and an attempt to cash in on the Charles Manson/Sharon Tate murders. This film is the one of the first to star Buster Keaton’s niece Camille Keaton. Written by Mario Bianchi, Leonardo Martin and Jose G. Maesso. Music by Stelvio Cipriani. Also stars Tony Isbert, Maximo Valverde, and the very busy genre stars Luigi Pistilli and Paul Muller. (1972 – Italy/Spain) Full screen. In Spanish with English subtitles.

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