Friday, July 22, 2011

Massacre In Dinosaur Valley (1985) [DVD - Region 1]

A Journey Into A Cannibal Inferno

Action star Michael Sopkiw (2010: AFTER THE FALL OF NEW YORK, BLAST FIGHTER) is Kevin Hall, a handsome, young paleontologist, in search of the mythical "Valley of the Dinosaur" which the locals swear is cursed!

When his plane crash-lands, Kevin wages a single-handed battle against the Amazon's most evil elements-treacherous quick sand, man-eating beasts, flesh hungry cannibals, and sadistic slave traders.

Presented in its original theatrical aspect ratio, with all the gore and bloody entrail-rending, bullet hits, human sacrifice and impaling intact!

From the imagination of prolific writer Dardano Sacchetti, screenwriter of ZOMBIE 2, THE BEYOND and BRONX WARRIORS and Michele Massimo Tarantini, Director of JUNGLE HOLOCAUST, EATEN ALIVE and EMMANUELLE & THE LAST CANNIBALS!

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