Thursday, September 29, 2011

Devil Story DVD (PAL Region 2)

Devil Story DVD (PAL Region 2)
Collector's Edition of French director Bernard Launoi's inept "masterpiece" of horror featuring a serial killer, a creepy couple and a MUMMY!
Discover the hidden side of the film through a new documentary!
In "Once Upon a Time Devil Story," director Bernard Launois returns without waffling on the genesis of his film. Véronique Renaud, the lead actress, explains how his first experience in film has led to a result at odds with expectations. Specialists from the seventh art as Rurik Salle (Mad movies), Christophe Lemaire (ex-Starfix / Rock & Folk), Jean-François Rauger (French Cinematheque) or the director Frank Henenlotter (Blood Brothers, Elmer brainstorming ... ), decipher the unique film and we explain why it is essential to any film culture !!

Import DVD
PAL Region 2
English and French Audio Options
Special Features (Features are Not Subtitled in English)
• "Once Upon a Time Devil Story": original documentary on the film 32 minutes
• "Devil Hollywood Story": The story forbidden - documentary parody
• Original Trailer
• Teaser of the movie by the team Nanarland
• key scenes Audio commentary by Bernard Launois.
• Commentary by 400 spectators amazed Night Live cam 2010 to the
French Cinematheque
• The shooting of Devil Story seen by FR3 Normandie - contemporary document
• Ethnology and horse of the devil - another decryption

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