Monday, October 17, 2011

Black Emanuelle 2 (1976, Review)

Director: Bitto Albertini
Cast: Sharon Lesley (aka Shulamith Lasri), Percy Hogan, Angelo Infanti
Severin Films / Color / NTSC R1 / Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1 / (Dolby Digital 2.0 – Stereo – Dual Mono) / / Get it in the Black Emanuelle Box Vol. 2 @

Beautiful model Emanuelle is held in a mental hospital for amnesia and “sexual neurosis”. The good Dr. Paul takes special interest in her case and plays detective to try and find out her past. So he tracks down old co-workers, her dad and her ex-husband to get the story. So we are told her story through a series of sometimes bizarre flashbacks from her and the people closest to her.

Through these flashbacks we learn that Emanuelle’s emotions and memories are tied to one horrible event. But what was it? What does it have to do with red helmets? We see how her memories are a bit off as she tells of being victimized by the men in her life who love her. But when they tell the same stories, they tell of her becoming scared and defensive when they show her love. What’s going on, E? We love you!

Meanwhile the doctor’s life isn’t so great itself. His wife is jealous of his sexy new patient. Her family owns the hospital and she thinks he married her so he can take over when her dad dies. His niece is a nymphomaniac who stays in the hospital when she feels the need and when she wants to get it on with Uncle Dr. Paul! How does the doctor keep from becoming a patient?

As you can see from the cast, there is no Laura Gemser to be seen. Nor a Joe D’Amato to be heard. Nope, this one is written and directed by Bitto Albertini, the creator of the first Black Emanuelle. I haven’t had the chance to see the first one yet, but if it’s like this one…uh, I’ll probably see it just for Gemser. This one is the most boring Black Emanuelle offering so far that I’ve seen.

Albertini seems to focus more on the character study and less on the sleaze. Was this one totally devoid of the dirty stuff? No, but what was there was relatively boring. There were perverted themes but nothing graphic. There was nudity but really no sex. Some very, very soft-core touchy-feely stuff, but even that was very abbreviated. Nothing like what we would see from that old pervert Joe. Although in my favorite scene Emanuelle and the nympho niece break out of the hospital and go see a big, buff fisherman who they pay to hang a 12 pound anchor from his dick! Then, of course, they have a threesome with him in what is the longest sex scene in the movie that ends when he puts “it” in. That should tell you something about the sleazy content of this one.

Black Emanuelle 2 played out much more like an erotic blacksploitation movie than a sensual Italian exploitation movie like the others. Stereotypes galore; afros, basketball players, winos…the whole fucking “right on the tip of being racist” she-bang. Hell, they even throw in a “negro” here and there. They did try to incorporate some of the sights that the series is known for by having some sweeping shots of NYC but seeing the dirty streets of New York in the mid-70′s doesn’t stack up to the shots in the other installments.

I will say this; Sharon Lesley is one fine woman. Gorgeous face and an outrageously curvy body. Much more voluptuous than Gemser’s rail-thin frame, and dare I say, even more attractive. But Gemser has a face and sexy, sultry mystique that not many, if any at all, can match. That makes her the black Emanuelle to me. I would have loved to see more (LOTS more) of Miss Lesley in other roles. Hell, put her in a Tinto Brass feature (or series) and we have ourselves a hit!

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