Saturday, October 15, 2011

Turkish Star Wars

AKA: The Man Who Saves the World

Yes! Here it is! The deeply twisted, bloodthirsty, and absolutely hilarious Turkish rip off of Star Wars that�s so insane it�s actually BETTER than the movie it steals from! Imagine if Luke was an asskicking karate expert who fought his battles with a golden, zig-zag shaped sword made out of plywood. Imagine if all his opponents looked like fuzzy, life-size versions of Sesame Street�s Cookie Monster and Luke ripped their heads off with his bare hands! Imagine if Princess Leia looked like a foxy slut! Written by and starring our favorite Turk headcracker, Cuneyt Arkin (of Insan Avcisi fame) this is no-budget filmmaking on an epic scale complete with cheap robots and costumes, ridiculous fights and footage lifted straight from the real Star Wars!

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