Friday, December 9, 2011

ABBY (1974) (aka Possess My Soul)

ABBY (1974) William Girdler's Exorcist Rip-off
Review: Bishop Garnet Williams (Marshall) is in Egypt on a mission to uncover antiquities and information about the God Eshu, but little does he know he has released the spirit on the world. It travels halfway around the world to Kentucky where Abby (Carol Speed) and her husband Rev. Emmett Williams (Carter) are moving into a new house. Abby becomes possessed by the evil spirit, and she begins to act strangely. The first sign that something is wrong appears when she purposely cuts her own arm. Then she begins to act violently, lashing out at her husband. Soon her voice changes entirely as Abby is consumed by the demon. Emmett does everything he can to help her, but there is nothing he can do. He must call his father back from Egypt to help him exorcise the demon from Abby's soul.
Hitting the screen in 1974, Abby was obviously intended to cash in on the success of The Exorcist (1973), and Warner Brothers Studio even managed to file a successful complaint against the film causing it to be pulled from markets. The picture had even been somewhat of a success raking in over four million dollars before it was pulled. It's really too bad this film has still been suppressed and unable to reach a wide audience as it's really a good flick with an interesting premise. Fullscreen, in English, no subtitles. Quality C+

Directed by: William Girdler

Starring: Carol Speed, Austin Stoker, and William Marshall

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