Friday, January 20, 2012


The film will focus on the origins of Dracula and the uprising of the Belmont Clan -- a vampire-slaying family who become humanity's last hope.

The project is currently put on hold as director James Wan finishes up another film he's working on and there's still the matter of finding proper financing, as they're not going through a major studio to develop this.
It's said that the vamps in the pic have a unique quality to them that mimics James Wan's style of filmmaking.
James Wan was quoted saying: "The thing I love about what Konami did with Castlevania, was taking the iconic Dracula mythology and Eastern-European setting, and retelling it with a Japanese pop-cultural sensibility," he continues. "That’s the East-meets-West tone I want to visually expand on for the film. I’m thrilled by the opportunity to make a highly stylized, fantasy, action film that focuses on the gothic storyline and the cool, anime-like characters. For once, the human hero is as sexy and dangerous as the vampire villain, and his weapon of choice was what attracted me to the project in the first place – The Vampire Killer Whip."
James Wan (Saw, Dead Silence) is said to be co-writing and directing, replacing Sylvain White.
Originally scheduled to begin film in April '08 in South Africa, but was put on hold during the WGA strike, and now currently resides in an undetermined production slate. It will eventually be made, it's just a matter of when.
Sylvain White (I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, Stomp the Yard) was originally set to direct.
The film will supposedly have a lot of references to the game to please the fans.
It's said that the story will span hundreds of years and focus mostly on Dracula and Simon Belmont.
The interiors of the castle will be constructed in Budapest.
Budgeted at an estimated $50-million.
Rogue Pictures hopes that this will be the start of a new horror franchise for them.
Described as in the vein of action-horror films such as Blade and Underworld.
Paul W. S. Anderson (Resident Evil, Alien Vs. Predator) was originally set to direct, but now only serves as producer and scripter.
Based on the classic Konami video game.

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