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It is 1863. The arrival of Commander Perry's Black Ships have forced the already-feeble Shogunate to open Japan to western trade. Rebellious Daimyo, seeing a chance to seize power, are campaigning for the restoration of Emperor to a position of actual power (with them, of course, providing “guidance”).

They took arms against the tide of history!

The true story of the end of the Shogunate, the tragedy of the Shinsengumi is one of the best- loved stories of Japanese history and has been adapted many times on stage, screen, television, and anime. This digitally remastered film, starring Toshiro Mifune and an all-star cast, stands out as one of the definitive adaptations of this classic tale.

Near the end of the nineteenth century, as the balance of power shifts from the Shogunate towards the Emperor, Japan restlessly awaits the dawning of a new age. But not all are content...

The Shinsengumi, a small army of samurai, farmers and peasants, band together to do battle against the tide of history. Their leader, Isami Kondo (Mifune), is a man who rises from farmer to fighter to head the fierce Shinsengumi brigade. Using a stern hand and a heart of gold, he rallies his men in defense of the tottering Shogunate. But bloodshed and treachery lurk around every corner.

  • The true story of the end of the Shogunate.
  • Starring Toshiro Mifune (Rashomon, Seven Samurai) and an all-star cast.

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