Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nailgun Massacre VHS (LE 1000 Copies)

Nailgun Massacre VHS (LE 1000 Copies)
Nailgun Massacre VHS (LE 1000 Copies)
A true direct to video release in 1986, Nail Gun Massacre now gets a retro VHS clam-shell release complete with painted cover art never before available in the US! Featuring the rarely seen in the over-seas art with a retro box designed by M. Mrakota Orsman (
Featuring an all new music video by old school death metal band "Nailgun Massacre" for their hit single "Nailed to the Wall".
About Nail Gun Massacre
Originally titled Texas Nail Gun Massacre and Construction Kills, this 1986 "so bad it's good" slasher revels in its own ineptitude. Unintentional laughs abound as a small town doctor (Rocky Patterson wearing a blue jean jacket and black muscle shirt) teams up with the local sheriff (Grizzly Adams look-a-like Ron Queen) to solve a series of disturbing murders. Our killer speaks....but his voice (or her voice, one can never tell) sounds like Darth Vader as he spouts the lamest one liners ever committed to film. A dead body lies unnoticed on a busy main street sidewalk. A nailed victim falls dead on top of a BBQ grill....and pushes himself back up when the grill begins to fall over.

This highly collectible VHS retro release is NUMBERED and STRICTLY LIMITED to 1000 copies!
New, uncut VHS Retro Edition
Black clamshell case
Red VHS Cassette
"Nailed to the Wall" music video by "Nailgun Massacre"
Format: VHS/NTSC
Original 4x3 aspect ratio
English language

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