Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Raw Talent (1984)

Chock full of snappy dialogue, extremely high production values, good acting, and a shit ton of fight scenes (including Ron Jeremy and Jerry Butler engaging is some sloppy kung-fu), RAW TALENT signaled the end of high budget and well made 35mm hardcore.

One thing that this film is known for in the original uncut version is it's "subliminal messages". During the sex scenes (and many others), a text message was flashed on the screen or 1 or 2 frames. This could range from "SEX" and "KILL" to "EAT" and "LAUGH".

"Raw Talent" was the seminal film for the 80's. With a better than average storyline, Jerry Butler (Bklyn's own) was able to shine. He WAS the James Dean of porn! Graced with chiseled features and natural comedic ability, his performances were always unpredictable and wacky. The accompanying soundtrack was also above par. The subliminal psychadelia scene was straight out of Floyd & Zeppelin. Unfortunately, "Raw Talent" was re-released with major Politically Correct edits. The masturbatory cooked turkey scene, the forced sex scene over a toilet bowl, and all the karate scenes are nowhere to be found.

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