Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bunny Game DVD (PAL All Region)

Bunny Game DVD (PAL All Region)

Emaciated and living on the streets in a drug induced fog; hapless prostitute Sylvia GrAy (/Bunny/) moves listlessly from one John to the next. Throwing caution to the wind with each new encounter, whatever life she has, is about to spiral into pure madness.

What starts off as another rendezvous in the cab of a tractor trailer, turns horrific in an instant. Stripped, bound in chains, and shaved bald; she finds herself at the mercy of a maniac. JR (/Hog/, has a new toy. One that lives and breaths, but for how long?

Already banned in the UK, Adam Rehmeier's nightmarish (yet cautionary) tale shatters viewer's will with it's bleak and nihilistic narrative. A story of one man's quest to break a woman's mind, body, and soul; THE BUNNY GAME is an unapologetic essay on the evil that is possible when you have nothing left to lose.
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