Friday, January 22, 2010

Dawn of the Mummy (Anchor Bay UK) (PAL Region 2)

Dawn of the Mummy (Anchor Bay UK) (PAL Region 2)
Deep in the heart of ancient Egypt the mummified corpse of a pharaoh is put to rest and a curse is placed upon anyone unfortunate enough to disturb the tomb. Jump to the present day, and a group of New York models and photographers are in Egypt looking for a unique location to serve as a suitable backdrop for a fashion shoot. When the group comes across a band of grave robbers who have unearthed a previously undiscovered tomb, they decide to hold the shoot there.
Setting up their equipment, they unwittingly awaken the mummy along with a legion of zombie slaves. Cursed with a voracious craving for human meat, the undead set out to punish the tomb's violators in a bloody, flesh-eating rampage. Dawn of the Mummy has earned itself the reputation of being the goriest of all mummy films, so don't miss all the fun!
  • Import DVD
  • PAL Region 2
  • DD 5.1, DTS and Dolby Surround
  • Anamorphic Widescreen
  • Director's Commentary

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