Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hellinger / Holy Terror Double Feature (NTSC Region 1)

Hellinger / Holy Terror Double Feature (NTSC Region 1)
HELLINGER ---> 20 years ago, young MELISSA was found by her neighbors covered in blood. She was still in bed, shivering, mumbling about the evil that killed her dad right in front of her innocent eyes. Now today, the one who lives in the darkness still haunts her, craving for her, teasing her .... His name is HELLINGER! He was known in life as Father Thomas Donaldson, a once well-respected man of the Church untill one day, in a time in which he doubted his faith and his life as a man of God, he became obsessed by the desire to see the gates of Heaven with his very own eyes. When he couldn't find the answers in the holy scriptures, he made a pact with the devil. But in his arrogance, he didn't truly contemplate the results of his actions - and the vision blinded him, leaving him mad. He is now a restless soul, a puppet in the strings of SATAN. To NOT believe in him is to unleash him. And now that Melissa is convinced that Hellinger never really existed at all, a figment of a child's imagination, he is free. Pray for your sins! Pray Hellinger doesn't come for YOU!

HOLY TERROR-----> Years ago a Nun died while possessed by a demon. Today, a young couple renting a new house invite some friends for an houswarming party and thanks to a mysterious ouija board and their evil landlord, they accidentally evocate the spirit of the nun. Now she will show them terror the likes they have never known possible... for she is the HOLY TERROR! Starring Playboy Model Beverly Lynn; Linzy Labrum (Murder in Small Town X); Michael Brazier (Welcome to the Dollhouse) Charlie Lubienicki (Singer boy band 4 Now); Nick Armas (Carnage) Yvette Lopez (Playboy Model) and introducing Katy Moses as THE NUN
  • NTSC Region 1
  • 2 Uncut Movies
  • Director's Commentary on Both
  • More...

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