Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DVD Buyer's Guide


Fuck me, 2010 is not getting off to a good start. First we get the new worst entry in a series where death is the invisible ghost of Rube Goldberg and now we get the new worst movie made by Rob Zombie, which is a feat unto itself. I think I may finally get around to reviewing HALLOWEEN II. Should be a nice refresher vocabulary course, as I’ll need to look up new ways to say “It’s a piece of shit.”

Other titles of the week include something called DARK RAGE and a DVD four pack that includes GOTHIKA, QUEEN OF THE DAMNED, DREAMCATCHER , and GHOST SHIP. Note, the product description does not clarify whether said four pack also comes with smelling salts to wake you from the stuppor watching said four pack will put you in.

On a sci-fi note, do yourself a favor and blind buy Duncan Jones’ MOON.

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