Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DVD Buyer's Guide

Will today finally see me actually laying down money to own a SAW film? I think so. After all, SAW VI(review) was one of the most pleasant surprises horror had to offer last year. Can I imagine myself watching it over and over? Nah, but the Blu-ray will definitely find itself on my shelf eventually.

Beyond that, however, we’ve got a couple catalog titles (here’s looking at you original TOOLBOX MURDERS on Blu) and a couple scrappy-looking straight-to-video movies (Frank “BASKET CASE” Henenlotter’s BAD BIOLOGY streets, though Amazon doesn’t have a picture) to round out a rather meager month’s worth of horror movie offerings.

Oh, and though it’s been available for rental in America and purchase in Canada for months now, the fascinating experiment that is PONTYPOOL (review) should finally be stocked on your local shelves come this Tuesday.

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