Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Doom Asylum (DVD)

Doom Asylum (DVD)

Director: Richard Friedman
Running Time: 77 min
Release Date: July 15, 2008

Sex And The City star Kristin Davis makes her historic movie debut in this sexy slasher film! Five teenagers investigate an abandoned mental hospital and encounter an obnoxious all girl punk band. The party is spoiled when the teens realize they are not alone! "The Surgeon," a disfigured killer, who was thought to be dead 10 years ago, still inhabits the hospital and puts his autopsy tools to good use to stalk and kill the kids one by one. Directed with tongue planted firmly in cheek by Richard Friedman and filmed in an actual abandoned mental asylum, Code Red is proud to present this film for the first time on DVD completely uncut!


- Audio Commentary with director Ricahrd Friedman and production manager Bill Tasgal
- Interviews with Friedman, Tasgal and producer Alex Kogan Jr.
- Code Red Trailers


Dolby Digital Mono


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