Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Body Snatchers: The Invasion Continues (1993) [DVD - Region 1]

Imagine…Youre Gone and Someone Else is Living Inside Your Body.

Dont sleep. Dont ever sleep. Thats when it happens. Thats when tentacles leave the alien pod and enter your ears and nostrils. Soon youre not you anymore. Youve been taken over, a victim of Body Snatchers.

A science-fiction classic gets an eerie, modern update in this spellbinder inspired by 1956s Invasion of the Body Snatchers and from the producer of the 1978 remake. Advances in screen special effects now enable director Abel Ferrar and his crew of wizards to depict the actual birthing of a pod - and its devastating effect on the human host.

Who says theres no rest for the wicked? As stars Farielle Anwar, Terry Kinney, Forest Whitaker and Meg Tilly discover, no one rests when the only way to sleep is to keep one eye open. And one foot out the door.

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