Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cat People 1942 Movie

If you haven't seen it:
Cat People is a tense film about a woman who believes she is under a curse, and is a danger to those around her.

At the time it was made, this movie was refreshing and original, being among the first horror movies to be set in contemporary times, in a modern city. Previously, horror films were always set in the gothic-steeped world of fairy-tales. Watching Cat People today of course, it does not seem refreshing nor original, but ironically it has acquired an old-fashioned charm. It is hardly terrifying by today's standards, but it is a stylish and well-made film, and there are a couple of scenes where the director cranks up the suspense which still work very well today.

Cat People was remade in 1982 with decent special effects, a synth-heavy soundtrack, lots of blood and violence, and the outrageously sexy Nastassja Kinski (who spends half the movie naked) in the lead role. Despite Miss Kinski's charms though, we recommend you stick with the Cat People 1942 movie.

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