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Guinea Pig - Mermaid in a Manhole / He Never Dies(NTSC All Region)

Guinea Pig - Mermaid in a Manhole / He Never Dies(NTSC All Region)
A man is arrested in Okinawa Japan for the dismemberment of a woman. Police are puzzled as to the explanation of the circumstances surrounding the horrendous murder.
The man 'who we cannot name here' was promptly arrested at the scene. A psychiatric evaluation is performed on the murderer and the prognosis is schizophrenia. Still in a comatose state and jabbering incomprehensibly, only two words are ever understood. The words are BEAUTIFUL and MERMAID. Over and over he repeats them until his mouth is parched and his lips cracked and even then his raspy voice still whispers the words until he lays unconscious.
We find out that the man was an art teacher with a penchant for the macabre and a detail for the intense. After his arrest the underground art scene clamored for his work. But with little or no artwork available it soon died down and his name became just an echo in the art world.
The mysterious circumstances surrounding the murder have turned into a Japanese urban legend. It is whispered about at art shows and is feared by artists and painters in Japan. For they fear that they too will encounter a mermaid that will unleash their own talents to the point of madness and murder.
The Tokyo police answer the call of a frantic couple who say they have discovered their friend�s body, mutilated beyond belief. When the police arrive they suspect foul play. Pieces of the corpse are strewn about the room in a fashion that shows someone has been playing with the body parts while the body was being dismembered. Evidence is tagged and bagged and the pieces of the man�s corpse are sent to the morgue for a thorough autopsy.
There they discover the incredible truth. All of the slashes and gouges were administered with the right hand and, from closer examination of the angle of the slash marks, they came to an outstanding conclusion. They were made by the victim's own hand. No one else's fingerprints are to be found anywhere inside his apartment or on any of the murder weapons. As more tests are done a hypothesis of the man's death is given to the police by the medical examiner. This man committed suicide. As implausible as it sounds, he hacked himself into pieces. The evidence is irrefutable and ghastly in its implications. The coroner believes that drugs were used to prolong the man�s life. He could therefore have inflicted the maximum amount of damage to himself before expiring. There was, however, no evidence of drugs in the mans system but anything else is almost too unimaginable to believe.
This film is based on an actual crime that is documented in the Tokyo police files. Only two other suicides in the world were as ferocious as this one. One was a voodoo priest in the heights of ecstasy in Brazil. The other located in India was a Shaman searching for nirvana thru pain. In both cases extreme religious beliefs came into play. This man in Tokyo Japan didn't have a religion and was a professed atheist so the mystery continues. The case was finally closed in Sept. 12, 1998 for lack of evidence.
  • NTSC / All Region
  • Uncut and Uncensored
  • Full Screen
  • Double Feature DVD
  • English Subtitles (removable)
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