Sunday, June 19, 2011

Zombie Holocaust

As yet another piece of Italian exploitation trash, Zombie Holocaust is barely distinguishable from other Italian classicks such as Fulci's Zombie>, Lenzi's Cannibal Ferox or D'amato's Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals. Its only discerning factor is that there's cannibals AND zombies in this one.
When parts of corpses start to disappear from a New York morgue, it is discovered that there is some kind of cannibal cult active in the city. Anthropologist Alexandra Delli Colli (New York Ripper) recognizes a marking on one of the corpse-munchers as being the symbol of the Kito tribe, so she and Ian McCulloch (Zombie, Contamination) go to Kito island in search of an explanation. On their way there they meet up with their colleague Dr. Obrero who is living on a nearby island conducting research, he loans them a few of his men to assist and they move on to Kito Island. Once on the island the team slowly gets killed off by the cannibalistic natives (cue loads of gore and gut munching), leaving only McCulloch, Delli Colli and their guide Molotto. In the middle of yet another cannibal attack, some rotten-looking zombies turn up and scare the pansy cannibals away. After putting the clues together the couple soon discover that their good friend Dr. Obrero (aka Dr. Butcher) is actually living on the island turning the natives into brain-dead zombies!

The producers basically used Fulci's Zombie as the template for this film and then added some cannibals. It was even filmed on the same sets / island as Zombie. Director Marino Girolami has now since disowned the film. Italian exploit fans may recognize a coupla familiar faces- Sherry Buchanan (What Have They Done to Solange?, Heroin Busters, Last House on the Beach ) and Donald O'Brien (Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals, Django Rides Again, The New Gladiators).
Overall this is a must for fans of Italian cannibal / zombie flicks, it has a totally flimsy plot that is basically just an excuse to show loads of gore, and that it does. This flick has pretty much everything a gorehound could wish for - eye gouging, decapitations, impalements, a particularly nasty death-by-outboard-motor, and plenty o' gut-munchin'! There's also a classic scene where a chick is being operated on by Dr. Butcher and she's screaming and screeching so he removes her vocal chords because she was being ''particularly irritating''.
DIRECTOR(S): Marino Girolami | COUNTRY: Italy | YEAR 1979 | DISTRIBUTOR(S): Umbrella Entertainment | RUNNING TIME: 90 minutes | ASPECT RATIO: 16:9 | REGION: 4 | DISCS: 1
  • Interview with Roy Frumkes
  • Art Gallery
  • Roy Frumkes personal photos
  • Interview with Maurizio Trani
  • Deleted Scene
  • U.S. and German Trailers
  • Umbrella Propaganda
  • Original "Tales That'll Tear Your Heart Out" Footage with Roy Frumkes Commentary

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