Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Cult Drive-In Classics Coming from MGM!

MGM’s Limited Edition Collection marches on, with another batch of 29 library titles to be released on manufactured-on-demand DVD sometime in June. Of great interest to readers of this site are Edward L. Cahn’s THE CURSE OF THE FACELESS MAN (A stone figure unearthed in Pompeii followed by a series of skull crushing murders. Stars Richard Anderson; Elaine Edwards; Adele Mara) and the AIP counterculture classic RIOT ON SUNSET STRIP (A crowd of undisciplined young people gather for kicks on the Sunset Strip. Aldo Ray plays a police lieutenant who is sympathetic to the kids but is pressured by businessmen to clear them out. Also stars Mimsy Farmer and Michael Evans. Directed by Arthur Dreifuss) which features performances by two of our favorite groups, The Standells and The Chocolate Watchband. Look for reviews of both in the coming months.

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