Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New DVD Company To Release Lost Franco "Orloff"!

The newly created Intervision Picture Corporation, featuring several longtime veterans of the home video scene, announced it was rolling out its aggressive schedule of Cult and Exploitation releases starting this January! The company has just inked a deal with distribution/manufacturing mainstay CAV to handle solicitation and physical distribution. First releases are both helmed by recent Goya Award Winner Jess Franco.THE SINISTER EYES OF DR. ORLOFF, a long-thought-lost classic from 1971, was finally unearthed in a Budapest vault following an exhaustive international search. Orloff will be paired with PAULA-PAULA, the most acclaimed Jess Franco film in over two decades (both titles will see release on January 11, 2011). The deal was negotiated by Larry Gold Sr., Founder and CEO on behalf of Intervision Picture Corporation, and Jay Douglas, Vice President of Product Development on behalf of CAV. CAV’s Douglas said, “Larry Gold is one of the few true legends of the video industry and we are thrilled to bring his latest and greatest brand to the CAV stable.” Gold, an early leader in the world of VHS distribution, has an impressive resume stretching back to the early 1960s, when he founded the London-based Solid Gold Films Ltd. Long thought retired to his estate in Southeast Asia, Gold cited "the need to get quality pictures back on the shelves" as his chief reason for getting back into distribution. "I've still got the rights to over 850 films across all formats - and I intend to exercise them in a manner that will result in classy, special-features-laden releases crafted for the discriminating picturegoer. Film distribution has gotten a bit off its bearings as of late, and we at Intervision Picture Corporation intend to bring back a little of the way things used to be."

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