Thursday, December 8, 2011

42nd Pete's John Holmes Collection DVD (NTSC Region 1)

42nd Pete's John Holmes Collection DVD (NTSC Region 1)
Adult superstar John Holmes made well over 200 full-length films, and his movies still sell today. At the height of his career, he worked with a Who’s Who of porn actresses including Seka, Marilyn Chambers, Ginger Lynn, Candy Samples, and many others. Holmes commanded the then unheard of salary of $3,000 a day in his prime, and he also had a lucrative “cock for hire” business, where wealthy women paid big bucks for a night with the legend. Holmes sold snippets of his pubic hair to female fans; he admitted that when he was “trimmed out” his girlfriend would just snip some hair off her poodle and sell that. He has been the subject of a couple documentaries including Wadd – the moniker of his hard-boiled detective screen character.

Dear Pam (1976) is about advice columnist Pam Slanders. Pam (Crystal Sync) is a respected columnist, who has been nominated for the “Most Moral Woman of the Year Award” by the Decency and Morality League. Pam is using a vibrator on herself as the League arrives in her office! The League consists of Rose Cummings (Jennifer Jordan), Richard Grandik (John Holmes) and Barton Fartblow (Tony “The Hook” Perez). The stellar cast also includes Eric Edwards and C.J. Laing.

Also in this collection are ten authentic 1970’s 8mm “loops” starring Holmes and his gargantuan member – hand-picked by yours truly, 42nd Street Pete.

Disc 1
-          Dear Pam feature film
-          After Hours Trailer Vault
Disc 2
-          John Holmes “Loop” Collection
-          42nd Street Pete Trailer Vault
  • NTSC Region 1

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