Thursday, December 8, 2011

42nd Street Pete's KINK-O-RAMA DVD (NTSC Region 1

42nd Street Pete's KINK-O-RAMA DVD (NTSC Region 1
42nd Street Pete unleashes the notorious Kink-O-Rama Collection - a rare and unusual artifact from the filthy 70s that features not only the twisted feature Kink-O-Rama (1976) but also 15 of the sickest, most twisted loops that Pete could find in his massive 8mm archive. All 8mm and 16mm loops have been carefully transferred to DVD for your viewing pleasure.  So never let it be said that 42nd Street Pete doesn’t go to XXXtreme lengths to give his fans what their little black hearts desire. Now let’s roll ‘em.

It was the summer of 1976 when Kink-O-Rama opened at The Cameo Theater on the corner of 44th Street and 8th Avenue in the heart of Times Square. The plotline finds Cindy “frigid,” so Dr. Gloria Leonard puts in a tape to thaw her out. The tape consists of Euro loops with a voice-over by a doctor with the worst German accent since Hogan’s Heroes. These loops are the most depraved, kinky, slimy kind of Euro-trash sleaze that appealed to the Times Square crowd, which reveled in this type of stuff. The loops showcase sex acts so dirty and disgusting that you can almost catch the scent of unwashed pussy and manly body odor wafting off the screen. Of course, the frigid Cindy thaws out a little more with each act of perversion she watches.

  • Adult DVD
  • NTSC Region 1
  • Kink-O-Rama audio commentary by grindhouse historian and personality 42nd Street Pete
  • 15 rare 8mm film loops
  • Color booklet featuring liner notes by 42nd Street Pete!
  • Plus Trailers

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