Saturday, December 3, 2011

Crypt of Terror: Cemetery of Terror / Grave Robbers (1959)

This CRYPT OF TERROR double feature has two films about zombies and the morons who disturb their eternal slumber. CEMETERY OF TERROR concerns a trio of guys who tell their girlfriends that they're taking them to a big party. This is a lie, as the real plan is to go to a crumbling old mansion for a little intimate funtime. Along the way, one of these birdbrains finds a creepy old book and comes up w/ the idea of going to the morgue, stealing a cadaver, and taking it back to the mansion to raise it from the dead! Of course, this seems like a swell idea to most involved. Well, the kids acquire the stiff and recite some incantations that actually work! Unbeknownst to them, the dead guy they picked was an evil murderer! This leads to an evening of brutal death. Soon, the dead start popping out of the ground like nobody's business, killing the fools who woke them up. Gorey deaths ensue. In GRAVE ROBBERS a group of young tomb-raiders dig up a crypt full of gold and precious jewels. Unfortunately, said crypt also contains a cursed, satanic zombie! Our heroes can't resist bringing the curse on themselves, which causes much grisly violence and splattery madness! Both of these movies are enjoyable and make for quite a nice Saturday afternoon double-dip of doom... P.S.- Spanish w/ English subtitles...

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