Wednesday, December 14, 2011


2006 – N/R – 89 Minutes
D: Patrick Dinhut
S: Dean Cain – Susan Ward – Guy Torry – Natassia Malthe – Peter Greene
DVD Courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment
Anamorphic Widescreen/Dolby Surround 5.1/2.0
Extras: Featurette – Commentary – Photo Gallery – Script – Trailers

A Special Forces raid/rescue in Cambodia goes deadly wrong and leaves Lt. Bobby Quinn’s squad brutally killed. When the bodies hit stateside, Quinn wakes up during his own autopsy! He discovers that the rest of his squad has done the same, only they’ve gone completely over the edge into zombie territory feasting on the living. Teaming up with the only one who believes him, an annoying military cook, he must use his keen sense of flesh smell to help stop his comrades before the zombie virus spreads or he can no longer fight his own hunger. This is a one note premise that relies on horror film in jokes and homage’s to older and better movies. Definitely a film for fans of the genre from the get go, you’ll either have fun watching it or despise it. I found myself in the latter camp. How many Thriller video in-jokes do we need at this point? The obvious low budget doesn’t help either (strange because smaller budgets in zombie movie history usually helped). The military camps all look like sparse sets hampering what little suspense there could have been. No atmosphere and unfunny, I can’t recommend this to anyone but those more forgiving than myself. – Mark Engle

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