Sunday, December 4, 2011

Invitation to Hell / Last Night Double Feature DVD (NTSC Region 1)

Invitation to Hell / Last Night Double Feature DVD (NTSC Region 1)
Invitation to Hell
Pitchforking, throat-stabbing, heart-ripping, head-squashing entertainment!
Jacky is invited to a fancy-dress party at the farm manor home of her friend Laura. Soon finding herself engaged in a sinister plot to sacrifice her virginity to help banish a supreme evil presence from the area, she is drugged and finds herself the centerpiece of a dark ritual...
The next morning, with claw-like scratch marks on her hips and hazy about what happened the night before, her attempts to separate reality from sleeping nightmare lead her to confront her friend in order to figure out what exactly has happened. The revelations shock Jacky to the core and she decides to leave as soon as possible to save herself from certain death. But she is blocked at every turn by the evil’s all encompassing force, violently murdered bodies turning up whichever way she turns...
Last Night
Impaling, strangulation, hanging, stabbing, sexual assault, implied necrophilia, shooting… All in the name of entertainment!
Two psychos escape from the maximum security wing of Broadmoor Prison and sneak in the backdoor of a theatre to hide away while a performance of a stage play titled “Murder in the Dark” stages its final night.
As the play unfolds to a riveted audience the two dangerous degenerates set about intimidating, torturing, sexually assaulting and murdering their way through the theatre troupe...
The murderous activity of the duo is intercut with the stage performance, providing a juxtaposition of real life murder taking place with the staged killing unraveling in the play before an absorbed audience. This concept will become even more apparent and connected to the play as the film progresses, eventually blurring the line between what is real and what is “staged”!
  • NTSC All Region
  • Double Feature DVD
Best looking transfers EVER available for these two rare films!
16:9 anamorphically enhanced transfers supervised by the director according to his original intentions (1.77:1)!
First time this double-bill has EVER been officially available on DVD!
First time EVER that both films together as the double-bill they were originally intended as have ever been available outside of the UK!
First time EVER that the fully UNCUT version has been made available in ANY format!
Ultra-rare and super-obscure Brit horror double-bill from hyper-obscure director!
Informative and entertaining featurette made by the director for this release!
First EVER audio commentary made by the director for ANY of his films!
 Rare poster and video sleeve images!
Slideshow of over 100 photos from the director's personal archives pertaining to the films!
Trailers ("Invitation to Hell"/"The Last Night" + future releases: "Atlantis" and “Skare”)
Ultra-limited to 1,000 numbered units wordwide!
Interactive Menu screen in the style of an old double-bill cinema quad poster!
Sub-menus designed to recreate interior of cinema auditorium!
NTSC Format and region Free – Playable Worldwide!!

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