Monday, December 5, 2011


On 9/28, Gary Sales thru Code Red DVD, presents MADMAN: 30th ANNIVERSARY EDITION. Set at the North Sea Cottages, a wooded retreat for gifted children, the film begins with the campfire retelling of the legend of Madman Marz (Paul Ehlers), a mean, drunken farmer who went nuts one night and hacked up his entire family with an ax. Marz was lynched by locals and hung from a tree to die, but when they came back for the body in the morning, he had vanished. Now, the story has it, he roams the woods and will come and kill anyone who says his name above a whisper. A teenaged counselor screams his name, and on the final night before Thanksgiving break, the crazed madman starts hanging and hacking the counselors one by one. This will be the first time the film is available in the U.S in 16x9 widescreen, from a HiDef master. Special features include "The Legend Lives: 30 Years Of Madman" 91-minute featurette directed by Victor Bonacore and produced by Gary Sales, Vintage Image Gallery, "Band Fans Of Madman", "In Memorium", Audio Commentary with Producer Gary Sales, actors Paul Ehlers and Tony Fish, and director Joey Giannone, TV/Theatrical trailers. MSRP is 24.98.

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