Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Label: Paura Productions
Genre: Documentary

Who was Lucio Fulci? An eccentric? A misogynist? A genius? Much speculation has surrounded the life of the revered Italian director since his untimely death back in 1996. Now, the acquaintances Fulci engaged with throughout his long and diverse moviemaking career - actors (or Victims) and crew (or Accomplices) - recall good, bad and sometimes ugly anecdotes by revealing the answer to one question:

What is your fondest memory of Lucio Fulci?

Also featured are the memories of some of Fulci's contemporaries, whose recollections define what the maestro meant to the Italian film industry.

Responses from nearly 90 of EuroCult's finest are included in this limited edition DVD in the hope of assembling some of the puzzling pieces - to give Lucio's mystique more humanity - and help remove the albatross from the neck of the Fulci legacy. Interviewees include Lamberto Bava, Fabrizio De Angelis, Giannetto De Rossi, Catriona MacColl, Carlo Rambaldi, Michele Soavi, Umberto Lenzi, Florinda Bolkan, Bruno Mattei, Sergio Martino, Corinne Clery, Enzo Castellari and many others.


  • Original Fullframe Version

  • English audio

    This limited edition signed release (100 hand-numbered pieces) is signed by Giovanni Lombardo Radice (John Morghen) & Catriona MacColl.

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