Monday, December 26, 2011

Village Of The Damned/Children Of The Damned DVD

Closed Captioned; Standard Screen; Soundtrack English; Soundtrack French; English Subtitles This release contains two suspenseful horror films from the 1960s: VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED and CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED. See invididual titles for detailed information. fans of this genre, who may have initially unfairly judged them as not being equals, to finally see them side by side and shine on their own merit. For many years critics have preferred Village over Children and I never agreed with them. These two films do share a common theme but are the matter and anti-matter of each other. They absolutely stand alone in their ability to create their own unique individual mood, feeling, and message. I just wish I could get my eyes to do that... Submitted by Vini Demon/vinidemon (Las Vegas, Nevada)

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