Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day of the Evil Gun Dir. Jerry Thorpe (1968)

AKA: Las armas del diablo

A retired gunslinger faces long odds as he rides the trail to an Apache encampment to rescue his wife and two daughters who were kidnapped by the red raiders. Glenn Ford stars in this gritty western and beautiful Mexican scenery helps when the action flags. Arthur Kennedy, who lays claim to Ford's wife, tags along and the two men form an uneasy alliance as they search for the hidden camp. The pair encounter renegade Indians, Mexican bandits, the scourge of cholera and a Confederate outfit looking for a Union payroll. Ford's tough character displays a steely resolve to find his family and Kennedy plays his heavy with relish but sounds more like a Boston police captain than a rancher in the old west. The moral is that guns accomplish very little, as later events bear out.

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