Thursday, January 12, 2012

DVD Review: Naked You Die (1968)

Naked You Die (a.k.a. The Miniskirt Murders or Nude... si muore, 1968) is an entertaining Italian thriller recently released by Dark Sky Films on NTSC Region-1 DVD. The film's script was co-written by horror legend Mario Bava and directed by the talented Antonio Margheriti, who made lots of great gothic horror films during the sixties and seventies such as La Vergine di Norimberga (a.k.a. The Virgin of Nuremberg, 1963), Danza Macabra (a.k.a. Castle of Blood, 1964) and La Morte Negli Occhi Del Gatto (a.k.a Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye, 1973).
The story takes place at an elite boarding school for girls that's hidden away in the hills. The isolated school becomes the perfect hunting ground for a cold-blooded killer who goes on a deadly murder spree. As the corpses of the pretty young students begin to pile up, the police are brought in to investigate and the school supervisors become suspect.

Naked You Die has lots of interesting twists and turns to keep audiences guessing. Margheriti's stylish directing adds to the suspenseful mood of the film and the catchy theme song Nightmare by composer's Carlo Savina & Don Powell gives the movie a groovy edge.
The actors in the film all deliver good performances, but I thought the young British actress Sally Smith really stood out as the cute & sassy Jill, who helps the police solve the crimes. It makes you wonder why Sally Smith seems to have stopped acting after making Naked You Die. Also look for Italian horror regulars like Luciano Pigozzi, Mark Damon and Giovanni Di Benedetto in brief but worthwhile roles.
If you enjoy giallo films or a good murder mystery, I think you'll appreciate Naked You Die. Horror fans might not like the movie's slow pace and even though various murders take place, the film has very little gore. Naked You Die generates it's mild scares from it's spooky atmosphere and suspense.
The Dark Sky Films DVD release of Naked You Die marks the first time that this early Italian giallo film has been released complete and uncut in North America. The movie is presented in widescreen and the print looks terrific. The DVD also includes the movie's original theatrical trailer and a nice still gallery.
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