Thursday, January 19, 2012

FAST, SAVED AND THE DAMNED (10 rare Spaghetti Westerns)

TEN SPAGHETTI WESTERNS The Third Volume in the SPAGHETTI WESTERN BIBLE series Click here for volume one TRINITY and volume two SARTANA #1 BLINDMAN (1971) 84 minutes (Widescreen) [below left] director: Ferdinando Baldi starring: Tony Anthony · Ringo Starr · Lucretia Love · Ken Wood · Magda Konopka A blind gunfighter is trying to recover his stolen merchandise, a wagonload of 50 women that he was escorting to a house of ill repute. #2 SEVEN DOLLARS ON THE RED (1968) 95 minutes (Widescreen) [below middle] director: Alberto Cardone starring: Anthony Steffen · Elisa Montes · Fernando Sancho · Loredana Nusciak A vengeful gunfighter catches up with the man who murdered his wife after fifteen years.
#3 MASSACRE TIME (aka Brute & the Beast) (1966) 90 min (Widescreen) [below right] director: Lucio Fulci starring: Franco Nero · George Hilton · John MacDouglas · Aysanoa Runachagua Two brothers stand against a sadistic land baron and his bloodthirsty son. #4 I CAME, I SAW, I SHOT (1968) 91 minutes (Widescreen) [below left] director: Enzo G Castellari starring: Antonio Sabato · John Saxon · Frank Wolff · Agata Flori · Leo Anchoriz Three robbers try to steal back their $300,000 from a Mexican outlaw gang. #5 BOUNTY HUNTER (aka The Ugly Ones) (1966) 90 min (Widescreen) [below middle] director: Eugenio Martin starring: Tomas Milian · Richard Wyler · Mario Brega · Ella Karin · Luis Barboo A woman has to choose between a professional bounty hunter and an outlaw. #6 BEAST (aka Rough Justice) (1966) 83 min (Fullscreen) [below right] director: Mario Costa starring: Klaus Kinski · Steven Tedd · Gabriella Giorgelli · Luisa Rivelli A sex-crazed outlaw rapes and ravages his way across the West. #7 APOCALYPSE JOE (1970) 91 minutes (Widescreen) [below left] director: Leopoldo Savona starring: Anthony Steffen · Eduardo Fajardo · Mary Paz Pondal · Stelio Candeli A gunfighter, traveling the West disguised as a Shakespearean actor, discovers that he has inherited a gold mine. #8 PRICE OF POWER (1969) 107 minutes (Widescreen) [below middle] director: Tonino Valerii starring: Giuliano Gemma · Fernando Rey · Van Johnson · Jose Suarez · Maria Jesus Historically cockeyed story finds President Garfield assassinated in the streets of Dallas. #9 THEY CALL HIM CEMETERY (1971) 88 min (Widescreen) [below middle] director: Anthony Ascott (Giuliano Carmineo) starring: Gianni Garko · William Berger · Chris Chittel · Franco Ressel A bounty hunter helps two pacifist ranchers bullied by land-grabbing outlaws. #10 MINNESOTA CLAY (1964) 87 min (Widescreen) [below right] director: Sergio Corbucci starring: Cameron Mitchell · Fernando Sanchez · Alberto Cedvenini · Diana Martin A gunfighting sheriff, slowly going blind, is determined to clean up his town. Ten Italian-made films on three DVDs. English language. Fully uncut; Encoded for ALL REGIONS NTSC, playable on any American machine. Violence/Adult Material/Nudity Recommended for Mature Audiences

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