Saturday, January 7, 2012

Subway Serial Rape 1 & 4 Dir. Shuji Kataoka (1988)

AKA: Chikatetsu renzoku rape

Sharply directed, fascinating crime thriller from director Shuji Kataoka. The film smoothly mixes the crime film with the pink film and nearly succeeds.

A man with a briefcase is being pursued by a small yakuza gang. The man resembles one of the gang's leaders. After abandoning his vehicle, the man boards a train where a woman is being raped by three thugs. Intimidated by the rapists, the other commuters do nothing to help the woman. Neither does the man. Later, however, the raped woman, a hot lesbian, reports the rape to the police and a witness comes forward. This complicates things for the man on the run and he is forced to take steps to protect his own identity.

Subway Serial Rape 4: Lover Hunting - Dir. Shuji Kataoka (1988)
LOVER HUNTING revolves around a TV studio that airs an expose about a woman raped on a subway (duh...) whose incident was photographed by a reporter who happened to be on the same train. Eventually, information on the rapists is made available to the station, and the lead female reporter tracks the offenders down and begins to hound them. They don't take this too lightly, and decide to retaliate...

"I've never seen a more frank and disturbing portrayal of twisted human sexuality," says critic Graham Lewis about these movies, "A well-made series... a terrific example of Japanese exploitation art. It isn't often that such movies actually deliver more than is promised by their lurid titles." A young bar hostess is raped on a subway by a gang of thugs. None of the passengers make any attempt to help her, but a yakuza hitman reluctantly finds himself mixed up in the ugly affair.

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