Saturday, March 3, 2012

Les Chic DVD (Rene Bond) (NTSC Region 1)

Les Chic DVD (Rene Bond) (NTSC Region 1)
After Hours Cinema is thrilled to present this Ultra-Naughty Double Feature showcasing sexploitation auteur Nick Philips' 1972 Triple-X film Les Chic. It's partnered with the graphic and uncensored 2002 sequel written & directed by William Hellfire and co-starring Darian Caine, Zoe Moonshine, Dean Paul and Juliette Charles.
LES CHIC (1972) starring RENE BOND Directed by NICK PHILIPS Les Chic is a young, fun-loving San Francisco gigolo known for his funky, far-out clothes, his smooth way with the ladies and his ability to please them all day long. Every morning Les preps for the day's adventures, and it's not before long that he finds himself up to his neck in beautiful women. On this particular day, Les first hits it off with the voluptuous Rene, who gives him everything she's got and takes in all that she can…inch by endless inch. Then it's "see you later," and over to a scorching and graphic three-way with luscious lesbians "L" and "S." Day 2 finds more of the same for busy Les - but this time even wilder and more uninhibited.
LES CHIC 2: The King of Sex (2002) starring DARIAN CAINE, ZOE MOONSHINE & JULIETTE CHARLES It might be the 21st Century, but studly Les Chic struts and preens for the ladies like it's the 1970s. Unfortunately poor Les has been in a rut in the "hot female action" department, and his sexually frustrating nightmares keep getting worse - even those where his luscious lesbian friends (Darian Caine & Zoe Moonshine) get it on…and on and on and on! Drastic times call for drastic measures, so when Les learns that the basement of his record store is used as a hangout where all manners of sexual encounters take place, he's there with bells on. As Les hides and peers from the corner, he witnesses each steamy lesbian lick-fest, juicy masturbation and ultra-naughty, strap-on adventure…until he just can't take it anymore and must get his own piece of the action.
  • Adult DVD
  • NTSC Region 1
  • LES CHIC (1972) Feature Film
  • LES CHIC 2: The King of Sex (2002) Feature Film
  • Interview w/ Grindhouse Film Historian 42nd St. Pete
  • Rene Bond 8mm Stag Short: "My Sister's Boobs"
  • Rene Bond 8mm Stag Short: "Naughty Strip"
  • Preview: SEXUAL DELIRIUM starring Katie Jordon
  • LES CHIC 2 Audio Commentary Track featuring Director William Hellfire and 42nd Street Pete

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