Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lovecraft Collection - Cool Air (NTSC All Region)

Lovecraft Collection - Cool Air (NTSC All Region)
Randolph Carter moves into a squalid boarding house in the summer of 1925 where he becomes friends with a mysterious doctor who revives him after a near-fatal heart attack. Soon after Carter discovers the awful truth about the doctor, and the fragile line that separates life and death. Featuring a stellar performance by Jack Donner as Dr. Mu�oz, Cool Air remains a haunting reminder of the power of the human will.
Disc also includes the following extras Nyarlathotep, The Hound, An Imperfect Solution (based on theoriginal Re-animator series), The Hapless Antiquarian, and interviews with the cast & crew of Cool Air, bonus shorts, and an interview with scholar S.T. Joshi.
  • NTSC All Region
  • Interviews
  • Shorts and More

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