Sunday, June 24, 2012

BLOOD AND LACE (1971) Horror Collector's Edition


Review: Not to be confused with Mario Bava's "Blood and Black Lace", this is the American horror film, that has been called "One of the Sickest PG-rated films ever made". Actually the film was given a GP rating upon release, the equivalent of today's PG rating. A teenage girl is sent to an orphanage after her prostitute mother is murdered, in a double murder by hammer opening sequence. The orphanage is run by a woman, and her handyman, who murder those who try to run away. The film features some of the most disturbing and politically incorrect situations you could think of. Great B drive-in movie trash from the glorious seventies. Highly recommended! Uncut, In English, no subtitles. Quality A- Cover Design & Banner By: Vince

Directed by: Philip S. Gilbert

Starring: Gloria Grahame, Len Lesser, Vic Tayback, Melody Patterson, Dennis Christopher

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