Friday, February 1, 2008

DVD Buyer's Guide


It’s funny that this 2-Disc collectors edition of The Omen is released two weeks after the theatrical remake, because I’ve no doubt the remake will just be hideous by comparison. This is something I’d actually consider picking up.

The Hills Have Eyes is, of course, the genre DVD of the month. I honestly don’t know what extra horror can be packed into this unrated cut, because the theatrical nailed it, but I’m sure it does nothing but improve.

The rest are just straight-to-DVD deals, even if Insecticidal is released under Fangoria’s video label. Equinox sounds pretty cool, and it’s a Criterion release so I guarantee it’s a packed disc of a quality movie.

Non-genre, we do have some heavy, worthwhile titles. Syriana actually topped by Best of ’05 list, and I heard good things about Why We Fight, so I’ll Netflix that.

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