Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baian the Assassin Vol. 1-4 Collection DVD (NTSC Region 1)

Baian the Assassin Vol. 1-4 Collection DVD (NTSC Region 1)

Volume 1 A TV series about a doctor during the Edo period who uses his Acupuncturist skills to both cure and kill. Dr. Baian is essentially a good man who accepts the money he receives for killing the bad so that he can heal the sick who can’t afford it. Authentically details the street life during the Edo period these stories are street level and often take place in the bars and brothels of Edo.

Volume2 From Tokyo Shock! His name is Baian, professional acupuncturist and assassin! A needle deftly inserted into the human body can bring relief and healing. For the defense of justice and honor - and for the right price – it can also bring instant death! Based on the stories by Shotaro Ikenami, Baian the Assassin features tales of murder and deceit, jealousy and revenge, all set in the backdrop of corrupt samurai lords, ruthless merchant princes, fawning geisha, and deadly ninja.

Volume 3 Baian Fujieda is a very popular and trusted acupuncturist who always has a long line of patients. But there's another side to Dr. Baian. He's also a professional hit man who secretly assassinates evildoers.

Volume 4 Baian is offered an assignment by his motojime, Otowa, for more money than he's ever gotten before. But he hesitates when he realizes that his target is Kikuemon, a motojime from Osaka, with whom he has a history. As the story unfolds and alliances become clear, Baian may have to assassinate someone in order to protect another.
NTSC Region 1
Japanese with English Subtitles
4 Disc Boxset

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