Thursday, April 19, 2012

Greek cop thriller “Ransom Baby” coming to DVD

They came for the money. He went for blood.

Veteran Greek filmmaker Paul Filippou (Black Aphrodite) is probably best known -if you know him at all- as a cinematographer with more than 75 movies to his credit, but he also has directed more than 30. Very few of those have made it to American audiences but leave it to MYA Communications to resurrect a Umberto Lenzi-type copsploitation flick from its last surviving elements. The disk, set to be released March 13, will be region free in Italian (mono) with English subtitles and sport a 1.78:1 widescreen presentation. The only extra will be a poster gallery.
A savage group of revolutionaries hold up a casino and flees with the loot. A clever inspector understands who is the mastermind behind the hit and sets out with his men to track down the murderous gang. In a desperate attempt to stop the cops, the ruthless robbers decide to kidnap the inspector’s little boy. But it takes more than emotional blackmail to stop a man who’s pulled out all the stops in the service of justice.

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